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Welcome to Sakriya By Anitha

ಬಟ್ಟೆ ಹರಿದಿರಲಿ, ಆದರೆ ಕೈಯಲ್ಲಿ ಪುಸ್ತಕವಿರಲಿ

Meaning: clothes are torn, its ok, but have a book in your hand. Even if you have no money to buy clothes, buy a book which makes you knowledgeable to conquer the world later.

This quote is from walking god, late. Shri Shri Shri Shivakumara Swamiji, Seer of Siddaganga Mutt, Karnataka, India Highly inspired by his life, I always wanted to contribute and give back to the society with my small contribution. So in 2019 June, I started this organization- ‘Sakriya’ which has two meanings, ‘active participation’ and ‘good deed’.

Aim of the Organization

• Menstrual hygiene sessions to underprivileged women.
• Personal hygiene/ dental hygiene
• Importance of dressing up to graduates
• Teaching English to students in government schools
• Organizing events to blind/special kids like educational competitions and fashion shows, exposing their talents to the society

Aspirations of the Organization

• Clean India
• Healthy India
• Educated India
• Zero Crime India

About The Founder

I am a simple middle class girl born to a very orthodox Brahmin family in Bangalore More than do’s I had only don’ts in life like, “don’t go out alone”, “don’t talk to boys”, “come back home before 6PM etc”, etc. A very hard working, studious, always who stood first in school, had different dreams, wanted to do so much in life. But life offers different things than your plans. I hereby urge all the readers to join hands and contribute in building a better nation.

Always not appropriate to depend on the governing body to better the lives of the needy. If busy in professional life, can’t actively participate in social activities, organization like Sakriya is struggling to serve the society. Be a part, do your bit!

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