Menses VS COVID-19

Before 2020 the only pandemic we had was period poverty and Menstrual hygiene management . The onset of COVID-19 has paralysed this global issue. Whether it’s pandemic or epidemic women bleed irrespectively. At present our country has around 355 plus million girls and women menstruating,in that half the population doesn’t know why they are bleeding? Only 33% are aware of menstruation. Many rural school girls discontinue studies ,lack of spacious toilets,pads and adequate water to clean are the major reasons. Only 18% of the urban population is practising menstrual hygiene It’s a concern now whether women and girls are maintaining menstrual hygiene along with personal hygiene?

COVID-19 picture

Low income segment is struggling to meet their daily needs like food and water. Frequent lockdowns and unemployment has caused scarcity of menstrual absorbents like pads,cups. Buying pads is a luxury now.So choosing the old method of using old cloths,rugs,gunny ,materials. This compromise has led to another challenge which is wash/dry care.Small houses ,relief camps with limited privacy to practice menstrual hygiene. The house is filled with children and men, giving embarrassment and discomfort ,very less opportunity to be with oneself while menstruating… All these factors are leading to depression ,frustration and mental agony as a result domestic violence,fights are increasing!

Warriors bleed too....

Majority of the health care workers are women,they too are facing difficulties in practising menstrual hygiene management. With PPE on frequent visits to the toilet is restricted and adequate water intake and ontime balanced meal consumption is a task. Staying away from family also impacts on their mental health. Though this Pandemic is temporary,menstrual hygiene management has taken a toll.

Serving hands....

Many NGOs and local groups have done excellent service in providing the essential products along with sanitary pads and condoms. Authorities did not feel the pads and condoms come under essential commodities which caused a havoc in the beginning of the corona outburst. Though the above problems are temporary and we shall come out only if we all come together and the understand the basic hygiene practices

I wish the globe a speedy recovery!